Annals of rookie bartenders, v 247.7

A week or so ago, I asked a young swaggery dude behind the bar to make me a favorite drink of his.

He winked and rather showily atomized absinthe in an Old Fashioned glass…and then added rye, Peychaud’s bitters, and simple syrup to a shaking tin. He agitated it vigorously with that affected faraway look, strained the pink-ed frothy decoction into the glass, plunked in a day-glo maraschino cherry, and slid it across the bar.

“That,” said he, “is a Sazerac.”

Author: Craig Stoltz

Suburban boulevardier. Former Washington Post journalist, entrepreneur, Top 25 blogger. Foodie. Cocktail geek. Proudly work in digital communications for you, The American People.

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