History Of Rectifiers Or “Non-Distilling Producers”

There has been a lot of talk about Non-Distilling Producers lately. Consumers feel they are being deceived by…a new generation of [them]…Many of today’s best-selling brands were created by rectifiers.

Source: History Of Rectifiers Or “Non-Distilling Producers”

Smart look at how non-distillers buy various whiskeys from distillers, mix and age it themselves, then brand and market the product. Purists may be horrified.

I think it’s fantastic. It allows those with taste, nose, and enthusiasm to create unique products — literally, in this case, “expressions” — without requiring an enormous investment in agriculture, equipment, supply chain, etc. 

“Rectifying” is not only no worse than, but as necessary and wonderful as the existence of, restaurants that don’t grow their own food. Which is to say 99.97% of restaurants world-wide. 

Maggie’s post gives great history and perspective — and reveals some well-known, even beloved brands that are rectified. Disclosure: She’s in that business.  

Author: Craig Stoltz

Suburban boulevardier. Former Washington Post journalist, entrepreneur, ex-Time.com Top 25 blogger. Foodie. Cocktail geek. Proudly work in digital communications for you, The American People.

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