Bad idea #4,768: Bourbon & Tonic

On May 4, 2020, I learn why bourbon and tonic is not a thing

Sure, I could elaborate — like about how the bitter and sweet tonic flavors disrespect and overwhelm the bourbon, making it wholly unlike the genteel and harmless whiskey-soda — but there is no need. Just don’t do this.

Punchline: I decided to try this after I saw it in the recipe section of, god help us all, the Bulleit website. Like, they actually recommend customers drink it, and in fact call it “delicious.” They refer to it as the BLT, which I assume refers to bourbon, lemon, and tonic.

Ignore them. They are fools.

Author: Craig Stoltz

Suburban boulevardier. Former Washington Post journalist, entrepreneur, Top 25 blogger. Foodie. Cocktail geek. Proudly work in digital communications for you, The American People.

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