The Gin Daisy Chronicles, Part 2 (bad but inexplicably popular version)

The most-referenced Gin Daisy recipe on Google is horrific. Here’s how that happened

As regular readers of A Measured Spirit know, I have launched a campaign to explore that great if slightly obscure American classic, the Gin Daisy. It’s not one drink, but several drinks, some with little in common beyond the name.

Its origins are gauzy, its first recipe apparently lost. This has provided mixmasters almost 150 years of opportunity to improvise, riff, and commit various acts of mischief.

So, for our second installment in this series, I decided to check out the most popular recipe I could find.

Google, make me a Gin Daisy

For this I turned to Brother Google — the world’s always-on vast repository of knowledge, first refuge of rookie drinkmakers, and our most ubiquitous source of misinformation.

When Google presents search results, the order is based on a complex secret algorithm. But its most important component is the number of other sites that link to a particular page. The thinking: If a lot of other people think something is valuable, it’s valuable.

And so I Google “gin daisy recipe.”

Gin Daisy A Measured Spirit

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“A” Gin Daisy — not “the” Gin Daisy

There is not one Gin Daisy. There are many. But this one is a great place to start.

One of many Gin Daisies: A handsome, gin-forward version with the tart punch of grenadine.

Not long ago, in one of those slightly embarrassing episodes that can happen when ordering a third adult beverage of the evening, I learned something about a drink I thought I knew well. Suffice to say it involved a mis-heard order, a mis-tasted drink, and my own ignorance that a Gin Daisy, in some formulations, includes grenadine.

It all ended amicably, and the drink as ultimately delivered and consumed was a revelation.

And so I began poking around in the turf of the Gin Daisy. I soon discovered that, like so many long-tenured cocktails, it’s not really one drink but a cluster of several drinks lassoed by the same name, some of them quite unlike the others.

I can’t promise I won’t inflict both regular readers of A Measured Spirit with the findings of my Daisy investigations. In fact, sadly, I can promise that I will.

But to start almost randomly, here’s one that was immediately interesting, mostly because it seemed like the esteemed Difford’s had committed a misprint. How could a well-balanced drink have two shots of a single base liquor and so little of the modifiers?

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